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Zerodha is a largest discount broker firm in India. It is a Indian financial service company which offers retail and institutional broking, currencies and commodity trading, mutual funds, and bonds. Basically, Zerodha is Banglore based technologically advanced Indian company and, it was incorporated in 2010.

Zerodha Demat service is the largest retail stock broker in India by active client base. Zerodha offers various products to their customers such as Kite, Coin, Console, Varsity, etc. Additionally, there are different services provided by Zerodha like Equity trading, Derivatives trading, Currency trading, commodity trading, Mutual funds, etc. So to open Zerodha demat account ’click here’.


Customer Ratings & Review

Experience 9.0 / 10
Products & Services 9.2 / 10
Brokerage Charges & Fees 9.3 / 10
Stock Research & Advisory 9.2 / 10
Trading Platforms 8.9 / 10
Overall Ratings 9.12 / 10
Star Ratings ★★★★★
Total Client Reviews 4791

Zerodha is a India’s largest stock broker which has been active since 2010. Apart from bringing a competitive pricing model that made it the first of its kind, Zerodha is also acknowledged as a pioneer in technology for trading in India. This makes Zerodha five star rated discount brokerage firm.


Zerodha is one of the biggest stock brokerage firm in India. Variety of new products as well as services are provided by the Zerodha. Zerodha has very low brokering charges, not only but also you can easily trade the securities even by using your smartphone with the help of Zerodha demat account. So to avail all these benefits ’click here’.

Once you have signed up on the link by clicking on the button, you can have the access to stock exchanges.


Zerodha demat account dose not charged any brokerage fees for equity delivery as well as Mutual funds and charges for Equity intraday, Equity future, currency futures, currency options and commodity are Flat 20 rupees or 0.03% (whichever is lower) for per executed order.

However, for equity options it is Flat 20 rupees or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order on turnover. so to avail this low brokerage fees advantage ’click here’.


  1. In particular Zerodha is not taking any brokerage charges for equity delivery trading. For Equity intraday, Equity future, currency futures, currency options as well as for commodity brokerage charges are Flat 20 rupees or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order
  2. Moreover, brokerage calculator is provided by Zerodha which helps you to calculate the brokerage.
  3. Zerodha demat account provides highest intraday margin as well as intraday leverage
  4. Charges of demat account opening is only Rs.300 for both equity (Rs.200) and commodity (Rs.100)
  5. In addition, Zerodha customer care for account opening are always there to solve all your queries related to Zerodha account.
  6. It is the third largest discount stock broker in India with more than 400 plus support team to solve all your doubts and queries via phone or email.
  7. Zerodha dose not charges special penny stock brokerage or minimum contract brokerage. However, it has clearly mentioned all the charges.
  8. It provides free educational portal which helps you in understanding of various aspects of trading as well as investments.
  9. Zerodha account provides you a Coin platform which is equally important, through which you can buy commission free mutual funds from various asset management companies
  10. Annual maintenance charges are also low for Zerodha demat account.

So, to signup for the Zerodha Account, you can click on the button given below:

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