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Zerodha Account Opening


Zerodha is one of the largest discount broker firms in India. The company is a member of different stock exchanges. NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX are the exchanges where one can trade with the Zerodha. The retail investors and the companies can trade at this platform. A flat fee of Rs.20 or 0.03% (whichever is the lower) of the returns be charged for the services provided by the Zerodha. The services include equity trading, mutual funds derivatives, currency, and commodity trading.It has 22 branches all over the India. It has very powerful trading platform where millions of customers trade satisfactorily without any disruptions. Zerodha account opening charges are far less than discount brokerage firms.

As it is the discount broker firm, the charges and the operating costs are very low when compared with traditional brokerage firms. It supports more number of trade exchanges compared to the other discount brokerage firms. Zerodha trading platform contributes over 15% of India retail trading volume.

  • It takes less than 15 minutes to signup with Zerodha and complete the process.
  • Keep the documents ready before signing up with Zerodha. Click here to know the document required.
  • Click here to know the steps required to signup with Zerodha.

The Zerodha account opening charges are:

  • The Trading and Demat Accounts – Rs.200/-
  • The Commodity Account – Rs.100/-

To get started, here is the direct link to the account opening page  Signup Zerodha

Here, Zerodha account opening charges explained in detail:

Type of accountEquity (for trades on Equity, F&O and Currency)Equity (for trades on Equity, F&O and Currency) and Commodity (MCX)
Online account₹ 200₹ 300
Offline account₹ 400₹ 600
NRI account (offline only)₹ 500N/A
Partnership, LLP, HUF, or Corporate accounts (offline only)₹ 500₹ 800

To get started, here is the direct link to the account opening page Signup Zerodha

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